Air Diffuser – By using air diffusers, we can make your home or office as comfortable as possible with an even current of air throughout.
Essential Oils – Our selection of oils will leave your home or office with a great fragrance that will relax and soothe all who enter.
Business Cleaning – We don’t just specialize in homes, we also can provide the same specialties in your business facilities or office.
Floors – Ranging from tile floors in your office to plush carpeting in your home, we can clean a wide variety of floors with efficiency and effectiveness.
Eco Friendly – With our very own selection of green, eco-friendly products, you can be sure that there will be no harsh chemicals coming in contact with you or your loved ones.
Tailored Cleaning – By applying your input and cleaning to your specifications, it will help us to be more efficient in making sure your cleaning needs are sufficiently met.
Carpet Cleaning – Our professional cleaners have the ability to make your carpets look like new.
Medical Offices – Medical offices always have the need to be sterilized and cleaned thoroughly. Happy house cleaners can help to keep yoru medical space spotless and sanitized.
Air bnb – Don’t go through all the trouble to clean your Air bnb, allow Happy house cleaners of Long Beach to assist you!