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Code wrote:

We hired Valerie to clean our house on a biweekly basis. Her pricing is fair and reasonable. She actually quoted me exactly what my previous cleaner charged me without me having to even say how much I used to pay. She accepts payment through PayPal which is a nice feature especially when I forget to get cash the night before she comes. She’s responsive to text and phone calls. She does a great job and is attentive, accommodating, and an all around nice person. She can basically restore anything to look like new.


Jeffery wrote:

Had Valerie here to clean the house for the third time, and was very pleased with the service.  Valerie now has another person working with her, and she was able to get our house done faster than the two previous times.  Valerie kept me posted on her ETA, and has always been very friendly.  They did a thorough cleaning job, and made our house look sparkling new.  I was really impressed that she asked me if I had a preference on which part of the house I wanted her to start, just so they didn’t get in the way  of us.  That was very thoughtful.  She also asked if there were areas I wanted her to focus on.  They were very thorough, and did a great job.  I am very happy with Valerie, and will have her coming back to our house every two weeks for a cleaning. Her prices are reasonable, she is honest, and attentive to detail.  If you are looking for someone who uses more natural cleaners, is reasonably priced, thorough and honest, talk to Valerie.


Lynda wrote:

I hired another cleaning service “Emmas” no show no call!!  My son needed his new casita cleaned before moving in on the first. Thank goodness Happy House cleaners came through.  Valerie and Vanessa are professionals…and a top notch service…thanks ladies you saved the day.


Bonnie wrote:

Having used other services in the past, I can say that Valerie and Jerry are by far the best cleaning cleaning crew that I’ve ever used.
I had to clean out my husband’s grandmothers home after she was placed in a care facility and Valerie and Jerry help me through every piece of it. (The house is over 5,000 sqft.)
Valerie and Jerry came multiple times over the course of five weeks. They communicated very well with me about their schedule and times that they were going to arrive. They even jumped in when the other workers needed help with the cleanup of construction projects.
I am very happy that they were the first to respond to my initial call. I guarantee I would not have received the same type of friendly, hands-on service from a larger corporate company.
All in all I am very satisfied with the job that they have done and would absolutely recommend them to friends and family.


H M wrote:

Valerie is the best. I was working on a huge estate, multiple bedrooms and spaces that needed lot of cleaning. She was able to make time for me in her schedule, showed up on time, and made the house clean.
Just tell her what you need and she does it.
Need under the bed in the corner spotless? Just say it.
She is awesome.
Highly recommend to all friends and tenants


Jeremy wrote:

I have been very impressed with Happy House Cleaners. They have been cleaning my house for the past 8 months and always do a great job. They always have a positive and friendly attitude when they clean my house.
I have used different house cleaners before and always found areas untouched for some reason. After the Happy House Cleaners finish cleaning my house I am very impressed with their attention to detail.  Coming home to a clean house is easy thanks to Happy House Cleaners!


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